Can I Insure My Cryptocurrency?

Can I Insure My Cryptocurrency?

If you’ve made the decision to invest in cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering “Can I insure my cryptocurrency?” Here are some companies that can insure your crypto assets. Here’s a quick look at Coincover, Evertas, and Tech Errors & Omissions coverage. These are all excellent options if you’ve got more than just a few thousand dollars to risk.


If you use cryptoassets or blockchain technologies, you should get insurance to protect your investment. Evertas can help you get insurance for a variety of digital assets, including cryptocurrency, stablecoins, and NFTs. They also provide insurance for loss caused by technological failures and data center or crypto mining equipment. The company also offers insurance for smart contracts, as well as loss due to hacks and cybercrime.

The insurance market is still not prepared to deal with crypto-asset risks, but some Lloyd’s members have begun exploring these risks. Until now, only a small proportion of crypto assets were insured. Evertas has expanded its crypto-insurance offering, and is now the first Lloyd’s coverholder to write policies for digital wallets. Evertas will be writing policies on behalf of Arch Insurance, which sponsored Evertas’ coverholder application.

Evertas is the first cryptoasset insurance company. Its coverage includes institutional holders of cryptoassets, exchanges, custodians, and traditional financial institutions. It also covers funds, family offices, and ultra-high net-worth individuals. Evertas has recently received new funding and has added premium prospecting features. As a result, Evertas is now offering a wide variety of cryptoasset insurance options, including coverage for NFTs and DeFi.

Getting insurance for cryptocurrencies is crucial in the case of theft or loss of custodial cryptoassets. Evertas’ coverage extends to cover the full spectrum of crypto risks and includes a wide range of industries, including banks, corporates, and miners. In addition to providing insurance for crypto assets, Evertas is also providing coverage for property. With this, crypto-asset owners can feel safe knowing that their investments are protected.


Investing in digital currency carries a high risk of loss. Many insurance companies are reluctant to insure cryptocurrency investments. But for those who do, a cryptocurrency insurance policy can protect your investment from failures in transactions and theft. And losing digital fortunes is almost as painful as the market crash. Read on to find out how to insure your cryptocurrency. But before you buy cryptocurrency insurance, make sure you understand its terms and limitations.

Coinbase and Gemini are some of the platforms that insure cryptocurrency deposits. Gemini and Coinbase insure their users’ assets up to $250,000, so the risk of losing them is minimized. Blockchain technology is also being implemented in the insurance industry. This technology can help verify insurance claims and reduce the overhead of traditional insurance firms. Decentralized insurance systems like Etherisc can even earn you interest while you’re insured.

Many companies will offer cryptocurrency insurance but it is still not widely available for consumers. Some exchanges have their own private key insurance policies, but the insurance isn’t directly sold to consumers. These exchanges often bury their insurance costs in general exchange fees, such as 0.1% of each transaction. Coincover, on the other hand, has an insurance provider that guarantees your funds should your cryptocurrency wallet be lost or stolen. It is not a direct consumer product, but it can be purchased through an exchange and may be worth the cost.

There is no federal government agency that insures digital assets. Nevertheless, federal agencies like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, do insure deposits and accounts up to $250,000 in the case of fraud or theft. For this reason, many investors should consider purchasing cryptocurrency insurance. However, many people have questions about the insurance. It may not be easy to find a suitable policy for your specific situation. A cryptocurrency insurance policy may not be the right choice.

Evertas’ Comprehensive Cover

The insurance market has an enormous opportunity to cover cryptoassets, but it must first understand the risk posed by these assets. Evertas, a specialist crypto asset MGA, will soon launch a cryptocurrency insurance product. The insurer claims to be the world’s first cryptoasset insurer. Evertas’ comprehensive cover for cryptocurrency policy can help cryptocurrency investors and owners manage the risks associated with their investment portfolios.

The move comes as a boon to crypto asset investors, and Evertas has received Lloyd’s approval to become a coverholder. This allows Evertas to offer a broader range of insurance products for cryptoasset investors, including digital wallets. Since only a small fraction of these assets are insured today, this step is an important development, as it will increase the amount of coverage available to crypto asset investors.

Evertas’ cryptoasset insurance plan includes “slashing” policies. These policies protect cryptoasset owners from losing their money due to technological malfunctions. However, Evertas will also provide D&O cover, which is in short supply in the insurance market. Additionally, the company offers “slashing” policies that can protect against technological malfunctions. However, the insurer is working to expand its cryptoasset insurance capacity in the future.

In the crypto industry, the insurance market is moving cautiously to engage. While crypto offers tremendous potential for attention and returns, it is difficult to understand and regulate. And since it’s intangible and hackable, the market is still developing. However, this will only increase as use cases develop. The insurance market is only going to continue to grow in the coming years. That is why companies are looking for ways to make this industry as risk-free as possible.

Evertas’ Tech Errors & Omissions Coverage

Cryptoasset and blockchain users are the focus of Evertas’ insurance coverage. The company has developed an underwriting framework and risk management processes for this particular type of insurance coverage. This provides coverage for any loss or damage that results from the unauthorized use or misuse of crypto assets or blockchain technology. This coverage includes cyber attacks and physical theft, among other things. Evertas also offers cybersecurity coverage.

Tech E&O insurance is a subset of Miscellaneous Professional Liability and protects companies that use technology. It’s often required for technology companies in client contracts, as it offers protection for a company that may have missed a deadline or failed to meet a deadline. As such, it’s important for technology providers to ensure that their insurance policies cover such risks.

The company’s insurance coverage includes cyberattacks and loss of private keys, which provide access to a crypto wallet. Additionally, it protects a company against losses due to technological errors, including exchange outages, smart contract failures, and hardware malfunctions. This is a critical feature for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies because they are exposed to online hacks and thefts.

Evertas’ Private Key Coverage

Evertas’ founders have a wealth of experience in the insurance and blockchain industry. Raymond Gdanski was a founding Chief Insurance Officer at Lemonade, and the first full-time employee in the world’s largest custodian bank. He is also an insurance industry expert and has run several successful insurance and consulting firms. In 2016, he helped organize the first Insurance and Blockchain conference. He recognized that insurance for crypto didn’t exist and wasn’t priced properly. This was a clear opportunity to create insurance tailored to the needs of cryptoassets. The company was founded on timeless principles and standards.

The company’s insurance policy is geared toward the needs of cryptoasset exchanges and financial services firms, and Evertas specializes in this market. Evertas advises insurance companies to build up a team of underwriters and crypto-asset knowledge, and it took years to build up its capabilities. The crypto-asset insurance industry is still in its infancy, but Evertas’ Private Key Coverage represents a major step towards the market maturity.

Evertas’ Private Key Coverage protects cryptocurrency and blockchain users against online hacks and loss of private keys. The coverage covers losses incurred as a result of technology errors, including exchange outages, hardware malfunction, or smart contract bugs. Evertas is a great choice for crypto businesses. They cover everything from online hacking to private key theft, from hardware malfunctions to smart contract bugs.

As a company focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, Evertas is constantly developing products and services for insurance clients. These include ReDeFi, a fully regulated and audited crypto insurance product. As these products continue to grow, Evertas is developing bespoke policies to meet the unique needs of the crypto community. It has a dedicated team of experts who understand the risks of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.

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